ABOUT BEan & Bud

It’s more than just coffee

Ensuring you get a great cup of coffee also means we are being fair to farmers and the environment.

We are very proud of the coffee we serve here at Bean & Bud. We offer a range of single-origin beans that allow our customers to experience the variety of flavours this wonderful fruit has to offer. We think that coffee is fascinating, fun and delicious – and we want to share our love of coffee with our customers by offering them an interesting and varied programme of beans from some of the UK’s very best independent roasters.  

But, of course, our business is not just about coffee! The care we take over every single flat white, or long black, is shared across everything else we do – from our wide selection of ethically sourced teas and hot chocolates, to our freshly made sandwiches and locally made treats and traybakes.

Our philosophy is simple: showing respect for the coffee beans, tea leaves and chocolate nuggets that have travelled half way around the world to get here, while being mindful of how we run our business on a day to day basis, such as by cutting down on waste and recycling, using local providers & supporting other local businesses where we can. We also love the fact that by dealing exclusively with ‘speciality grade’ coffee, we are doing the best we can to ensure that coffee farmers are being paid fairly, and that the whole supply chain is as free as possible from exploitation. And the same principles apply to our tea leaves and cocoa beans!

We are also proud to be a Living Wage Foundation employer, which means our staff benefit from an increased hourly rate, slightly above the current government rate. 

We hope that you’ll enjoy your visit to Bean & Bud, and will leave having had a really great cup of coffee (or tea or hot chocolate!). We sometimes ask a lot of questions, and get excited about what we do, but that’s only because to us what we serve isn’t just coffee, it’s great coffee – something that once you’ve experienced you’ll want to keep coming back for!

What our customers are saying about us 

The tea here is sublime and the baristering is the best in Harrogate.
Bean & Bud is so inviting – the colours, the artwork and the welcome from the staff, it’s a place to take ten minutes out of the world and enjoy a fantastic cup of coffee.
Lovely people, a great welcome and great music – and of course Bean & Bud serves the best cup of coffee in town!
I like the fact that they tell you about the new products in layman’s terms, – coffee isn’t made to be complicated, there’s simply a real passion here for trying new blends.
The quality of the coffee, served by genuinely nice people, – it’s what a true independent business is all about.
The knowledge of the baristas is phenomenal and they are happy to take the time and effort to explain every product.
Bean & Bud has made speciality coffee very accessible – they have a fantastic range.
What I love about Bean & Bud is the zero pretention. It’s welcoming and friendly, yet so forward thinking.
They have a very creative way of introducing guest coffees.

We only source the finest beans from the UK's best roasters

We are proud to be a fully independent coffee shop, allowing us to source beans from a range of speciality coffee roasters.