Food Menu


All our sandwiches are made to order on Lancaster’s seeded multigrain bread, and can be toasted on request.

Houmous – £5.50
Houmous, Tomatoes, Peppers & Salad Leaves

Cheese & Pickle – £5.50
Barber’s Vintage Cheddar & Great Yorkshire Pickle

Bacon & Brie – £5.75
Yorkshire Bacon & Soft Brie – add cranberry sauce (optional)

Bacon Sandwich – £4.75
Yorkshire Bacon on seeded multigrain bread – add tomato or brown sauce (optional)

Chorizo & Mozzarella – £5.75
Chorizo, Mozzarella, Tomatoes, Green Pesto & Cracked Black Pepper



Extra Brie or Cheddar Cheese: £1.00
Extra Bacon:£1.50


Carb-free “Sandwich” option – £5.75
We are happy to make any of our sandwiches without bread for a carb-free option.
We replace the bread with salad leaves, peppers & tomatoes.


Gluten-free option
All our sandwiches can be made on gluten-free bread on request.
Please note that all our food is made in a multi-use kitchen, and while every effort is made to avoid cross-contamination, please use your discretion when ordering.


 Soup Of THE DAY

All our soups are served with Lancaster’s multigrain bread & butter (or vegan spread).

Please check the counter for today’s soup.

Bowl: £6.00
Cup: £4.50

Soup & Sandwich

Feeling hungry? Choose any sandwich and add a bowl or cup of soup.

Bowl: £4.00
Cup: £3.00

Toast, Teacakes & Crumpets

Choose either Lancaster’s multigrain or white bread (or sourdough when available), teacake or crumpets; then add the toppings of your choice (choose from; butter – or vegan spread – raspberry jam, peanut butter, marmite, marmalade or honey).

Toast (One Chunky Slice) – £2.25
Add the toppings of your choice*

Toast (Two Chunky Slices) – £3.50
Add the toppings of your choice*

Teacake – £3.00
Fresh toasted teacake with the toppings of your choice*

Crumpets – £3.00
Two toasted crumpets with the toppings of your choice*

*Price includes butter (or vegan spread) + one topping

Extra toppings: 25p


Cakes, Traybakes & Homemade Treats

We always have a selection of sweet treats, traybakes and homemade cakes available all day. Please check the counter for what’s available.

Freshly Baked Pastries

Check our counter for today’s selection of freshly baked pastries. We bake a small number of our pastries each morning – once they’re gone, they’re gone!

Almond Croissant: £2.25
Butter Croissant: £2.25
Blueberry Jam Croissant (vegan): £2.25
Pain Au chocolat: £2.25
Pain Aux Raisins: £2.25
Pastel de Nata: £2.00

Add butter & Jam: 50p


Our barista prepared hot drinks. Please order at the counter & inform us if you require extra milk or sugar.

Espresso : £2.90
Macchiato : £3.00
Short Black (6oz) : £3.20
Long Black (8oz) : £3.20
Cortado (4oz) : £3.20
Flat White (6oz) : £3.30
Latte (8oz) : £3.40
Batch Filter : £3.20
Pourover : £4.50

Hot Chocolate

Ivory Coast (White & Vanilla) : £3.90
Venezuela (58% Cocoa) : £3.90
Peru (70% Cocoa) : £3.90
Madagascar (82% Cocoa) : £3.90
West Africa (100% Cocoa) : £3.90
Kids Size Hot Chocolate (White or 58%) : £2.80
Mocha (Your choice of Chocolate + Espresso coffee): £4.20