Good for Business!
May 7, 2021

Doing the right thing isn’t always the easiest option, but here at Bean & Bud we always try to run our business the right way.

One thing we are particularly proud of is our recent accreditation by the Good Business Charter. This voluntary certificaction recognises how businesses large and small, as well as charitable organisations, run themselves. The focus here is not on profits and turnover, but rather on the business environment that is engendered. The charter looks at ten points, from paying the Real Living Wage (something we’ve done for over a year now), to ethical sourcing, paying bills on time, encouraging diversity, employee wellbeing and good environmental practices, amongst other things.

We’re pleased that our ongoing efforts to reward our staff with fair wages and solid contracts, while respecting their ideas and the contributions they make, are able to be recognised by the GBC certification.

You can find out more about the Good Business Charter by clicking here.

Here at Bean & Bud we’re going to keep on doing the right things, becasue we truly believe that it’s good for business.

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