Working with Roaster Partners
February 20, 2018

We have always worked with a small number of amazing coffee roasting partners, and in recent weeks have begun new relationships, with roasters and people we have been aware of and friendly with for some time.  We always choose our roaster partners carefully, based on similar ethics and outlooks, the way they choose to work with their customers and the way they source and of course roast their coffee.  As a business of fairly long standing in the speciality coffee industry, we have some relationships that have existed for some time, examples of this are Caravan in London and Roundhill in Bath.  We have been working with these roasters for at least five or more years, they are consistently great in terms of quality and customer service.  In the case of Caravan we have also attended cupping sessions in London (there may have been some beer and food involved, as there often is at these events!)

Also of fairly long standing and a regular feature on our board is Campbell & Syme, based in Hayden and Ruth’s old stamping ground of East Finchley, North London.  Again, quality and variety of the offering plus great customer service and reliability keep us going back to this great company again and again.

More recently, we have also featured some great coffees from local (Leeds) roasters North Star and Maude.  We have long been friendly with Hols and Krag at North Star and it’s been great to feature a recent takeover of Burundi coffees, therefore being able to support this emerging small volume producing country.  Along with Maude and another new roast partner Nude Espresso (London) we are really excited about forming some new partnerships whilst maintaining those already established.

So, look out for great coffees coming up, don’t forget to keep an eye on the current bean selection on the front page, and keep an eye out also for this season’s Ethiopians coming soon!

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