Three New Coffees To Explore
June 3, 2020

We’re really excited to bring three fantastic new coffees for you to try this week. Not only do they reflect the range of flavours from the diverse coffee growing regions of the world, they also showcase the expertise of the brilliant roasters we work with here at Bean & Bud.

First up is a lovely, naturally processed Colombian coffee courtesy of London based roasters Campbell & Syme. Produced by the Vasquez family in the Hispania, Antoquia region, La Rosa is grown at 1,400masl and brings to the cup sweet notes of papaya & blackberry. Produced in small lots, this coffee firstly goes through selective picking, washing and floating before then being skin dried on patios. If you enjoy the reliability of Colombian coffee, but like the extra depth of flavour natural processing brings to the beans, then this is the one for you!

Next is Karambi, a red bourbon from the Nyamasheke region of Rwanda. Roasted by New Ground Coffee in Oxford, this washed coffee is full of fruity notes of plum and orange, but has a rounded sweetness of brown sugar in the cup. A lovely summer coffee that’s perfect for home brewing on espresso or your choice of filter brew method.

Finally, we’re really pleased to be able to bring you a Kenyan peaberry, courtesy of Rounton Coffee Roasters in Northallerton. Coffee cherries usually form with two seeds in the middle, the faces of which sit flat against one another. A peaberry is formed when only a single seed grows in the cherry, which leads to its unmistakable rounded shape. Like little round jewels, these peaberries are bright, juicy and moreish, and in this washed Kaganda PB you’ll find notes of orange, blackcurrant and cream. If you you love the subtle flavours typical of Kenyan coffee, then this is a perfect new coffee for you to try this weekend.

We can’t wait to get these fantastic fresh coffees out to you on FREE home delivery, so remember to place your order by clicking this link, and we’ll see you at the weekend 🙂


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