The ‘Latte Levy’
January 8, 2018

There has been a lot of press activity in the last couple of days about the idea of a ‘latte levy’ – the possibility of introducing a charge for using disposable takeaway cups.  So is this a good idea?  The recent introduction of a fee for using plastic carrier bags has had a great effect, with up to 85% reduction in the use of plastic bags.  Anyone who is concerned for the environment will be pleased with this outcome.  Not only do plastic bags fill up landfill, they make their way into our precious oceans and endanger wildlife.

I wonder if many people are even aware that many takeaway cups are not fully biodegradable.  This is because, although the outers may be made of card, they have a plastic based lining that is not biodegradable.  Here at Bean & Bud we have been using vegware fully biodegradable cups and lids for more than two years.  Although these are more expensive, we feel we have a responsibility to the environment.  Having worked directly with coffee and tea growers in the past, I know that the people who produce our crops are at the front line of dealing with environmental factors such as climate change.

We have also just introduced a 25p discount for anyone taking a coffee away who brings in their own reusable takeaway cup.  We’ve also started stocking the attractive ecoffee cups, made from bamboo and in a range of great designs.  They are already flying off the shelves so make sure you get yours!

Do let us know your thoughts on this issue!

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