Slow Brew Coffee Methods
February 6, 2014

If you usually drink your coffee black, we have lots of options for you to try as an alternative to the Long Black or Americano.  First, a tangent: what’s the difference between an Americano and a Long Black?!  An Americano is an espresso shot topped off with hot water, so the shot can be scalded and the crema disturbed.  A Long Black is made by gently pouring the shot over water that has been sitting in the cup for a couple of minutes, thereby preserving the crema and the taste of the coffee.  However, because this method still disperses some of the oils that form on the espresso shot, a long black can still taste slightly bitter.  Enter the slow brew methods, which finely and individually filter the coffee in a number of ways.

20140124_122205At Bean & Bud we offer 3 slow brew methods: Chemex, V60 Pourover and Aeropress.  A Chemex is a specially designed hourglass shaped glass vessel in which the coffee is extracted through a thick paper filter, producing a clear, clean flavour.  The V60 is a cone shaped vessel, the coffee is again extracted through a paper filter and produces a slightly more full-bodied flavour.  The Aeropress uses gentle air pressure to extract the coffee through a very fine filter.  All these methods produce a very clean, bright flavoured coffee with no bitterness and no sediment.  As always, at Bean & Bud we weigh both the dry coffee going into the process and the wet coffee output as well as meticulously timing the extraction, so you get the very best cup of coffee every time.

Why not try one of these methods for your black coffee next time!


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