Our new coffee menu explained…
January 22, 2016

If you’ve visited us recently you might have noticed a small change to our coffee menu board! For milk based espresso drinks we have moved away from the traditional Italian system of ‘cappuccino’, ‘latte’ etc and onto a more contemporary approach. IMAG0637_1All our shots are produced on a naked or bottomless portafilter to a set brew recipe of a particular weight of dry coffee in, to a particular weight of extracted coffee over a set time.  For example, 18g of dry ground coffee to produce 36g of liquid coffee extracted over 32 seconds.  This produces a perfect volume shot to which we add milk at the perfect texture and temperature.  Therefore there are no ‘single’ or ‘double’ shots as such.  You can then choose the volume of milk you want to add in order to balance out the flavours.  It’s your choice!  We think our menu is much easier to understand than all those Italian names, but we are more than happy to chat about what is the right coffee for you!

We also offer a ‘tasting board’ where you can get an espresso and a 4oz milk drink so that you can experience coffee at its purest and then see the difference that milk makes to a coffee drink, how it balances out acidity and enhances sweetness.  Try a tasting board next time you visit!

You can read about our coffee in more detail on the Coffee page of the website.

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