Ninety Plus Coffee
December 16, 2015

We’re really excited to have some truly special coffees on the bar leading up to Christmas. We have two Ethiopian coffees going head to head for the first time, both from pioneering speciality producers Ninety Plus.

First, a little digression. Did you know that the term speciality coffee has a defined set of criteria (unlike terms such as ‘gourmet’ or ‘artisan’ for example). In order for a coffee to be certified as ‘speciality’ it has to score 80+ in rigorous testing of more than 100 criteria by the Speciality Coffee Association. Ninety Plus deal with coffees that score 90+!!

Ninety Plus are renowned pioneers of flavour profiling and experimenting with new processing techniques. Founder Joseph Brodsky formerly worked with his family’s Novo Coffee Roasters in the US. A sourcing trip to Ethiopia inspired him to start Ninety Plus, who now have bases in the US, Panama and Ethiopia and an enviable staff of coffee experts.

Ninety Plus work towards aroma and flavour profiles rather than area specific origins. The two Ethiopian coffees we have on at the moment are beautifully contrasted:

Tchembe is a sun-dried natural coffee with complex notes of banana, chocolate, strawberry and papaya.

Kemgin is a fully washed coffee with gorgeous notes of milk chocolate, honeydew melon and lime.

These two coffees are extremely unusual and sought after and will not be on the bar for long, so hurry down and try them!

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