New year, same mission!
January 3, 2017

We would like to wish all our customers, roasters and growers a Happy New Year!  We hope 2017 is a good one for all of us.  And in this new year it’s tempting to make changes, to eat more healthily, go to the gym etc.  Here at Bean & Bud we are embracing the new year and the hopes that go with it.  One thing that won’t change, however, is our commitment to bringing you the best coffee around.


Producing a great cup of coffee takes a great deal of care, attention and technical expertise.  We pride ourselves on our love and passion for the bean and hope we treat it with respect.  Of course, we appreciate that great coffee starts with the growers. Having worked directly with coffee and tea growers for a number of years, it’s important to me that we remember where great coffee starts, with those who grow it and the care they take over their crops.  We hope to continue to bring you the best of these crops over the next year, in partnership with our great roasters.


phoenix_honey_orchid_loose_tea-look-book_5Of course it’s not just about coffee; we also serve the best high quality whole leaf teas around, including our own house blend which is custom blended for us using only the best quality and also Fairtrade accredited teas, including bright Kenyan and Malawi teas to give our blend an extra lift.  As with our coffee we only use the very best suppliers for our tea, those who are expert in their field and who work directly with growers.


So, why not make a resolution to drink only the best coffee and tea in 2017, and to remember the people who grew the crop as you enjoy every sip!


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