New Teas on the Menu
August 11, 2016

We source and select all our teas with the utmost attention to quality, seasonality and the aim of bringing you the very best teas around, especially some great teas that you might not get to try anywhere else.  We have just relaunched our tea menu boards so that they include detailed information on origin, process, tasting notes and supplier, in the way that we do for coffee.  So you can see where your tea was grown and go on an exotic tea journey!

We have just introduced 3 new seasonal teas:

Sichuan Dew Tea Gardens_1Sichuan Dew is a green tea from the humid plains of Sichuan Province.  This tea is steamed, a process more usually found in Japan rather than China, and this process gives this tea a wonderful sappy mouthfeel and sweet, grassy notes.  When we open the caddy it’s like opening a barrel of apples!

Silver Needle is probably the best known white tea, created using only whole buds, naturally air dried.  This one was picked in March 2015 in Guanxi Province and left to dry naturally, producing a wonderfully mellow tea with notes of spring flowers, melon, cucumber and honey.

phoenix_honey_orchid_loose_tea-look-book_5Phoenix Honey Orchid is a stunning dark oolong tea from Phoenix Mountain, Guangdong.  One of our all-time favourite teas, this has complex notes of orange blossom, honey and vanilla.

These three new teas are all supplied by our partners at Jing Tea, experts in fine tea, who also took these beautiful photos of the Sichuan Dew tea garden and a tea farmer on Phoenix Mountain.

Do try all our new teas, along with our current teas which are also outstanding examples of fantastic single origin teas from China, Sri Lanka, India, Japan and Africa.


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