New beginnings…and exciting times ahead
December 3, 2018
A warm welcome from your new hosts! There are some new faces behind the bar at Bean & Bud…and after a hectic start they’ve finally found time to say hello! Hi everyone! It’s hard to believe, but we’ve been in charge at Bean & Bud for nearly a month now…and this is the first chance we’ve had to update the blog. In case you hadn’t heard – Yes, it’s true! – Harrogate’s original specialty coffee shop is now under new ownership, as Helen and I have taken over the shop after a summer long transfer of the business. It’s always a nervous time when things change – especially for the new guys – but we really can’t believe how brilliant the response has been! So, we’d first of all like to say a big “thank you” to everyone we’ve met over the last three and a half weeks, and for all your kind wishes and ongoing support. You’ve made us feel right at home straight away, and we already feel like we’ve made a ton of new friends. It’s also the right time to big up our fantastic staff! They truly are an amazing team of baristas, who relentlessly craft cup after cup of fantastic coffee – as well as our signature teas, and amazing hot chocolates. We couldn’t have got off to such a good start without them! In fact, our brilliant baristas are an essential part of what Bean & Bud is, and has always been. Their passion and knowledge for coffee and fine tea is infectious, and every day it’s a pleasure to learn about the fantastic things we make and serve in house. And if you’re a regular who’s been coming here for years, the one thing we can assure you is that – when it comes to our coffee and tea – nothing is going to change! Rest assured that we will continue to serve only the best single origin coffees, finest teas and sumptuous hot chocolates – as well as amazing tray-bake treats and lunches made with the very best local produce.
The proud new owners outside their new shop.  Phil & Helen have arrived from Sheffield to take over Bean & Bud.
That doesn’t mean that absolutely everything is going to remain the same, of course. Sometimes a change is as good as…well, you know the rest! So, over the coming months you might see the odd change in the shop – but all hopefully aimed at making your experience even better when you visit us! One thing that’s going to have an increasing presence is the art that you’ll see hanging on the walls of the shop. We’re very excited to be introducing a “summer programme” of art exhibitions that will last through spring and summer of 2019. It was great to have a visit from brilliant Yorkshire-based artist Natalie Deane, who came to show us some of her recent artworks in the shop today. Natalie is an amazing painter and printmaker whose work is immersed in the countryside of North and West Yorkshire. She’s agreed to be the first artist on our roster next year, and we can’t wait to show off her fantastic and accessible paintings and prints next year. (In the meantime, check out her work on Instagram @drawingdomesticlives).
Artist Natalie Dean at Bean & Bud selecting artworks for our 2019 Summer Programme
So it’s full steam ahead for everyone at Bean & Bud. We’re already into the pre-Christmas madness, so there’s not going to be much of a let-up for the new owners – but we’re up for the challenge and enjoying every minute of it! If you haven’t been to the shop for a while, then why not pop in and say hello – we’re looking forward to meeting you!  

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