Milk & sugar? No thanks!
July 11, 2016

Why do the English put milk in their tea?  There are many myths and theories about this.  One theory is that in Victorian times, if one was using inferior quality china cups, putting cold milk in the cup before adding hot tea prevented the china from cracking!

Whatever the reason, it is certainly not to improve the flavour.  If you use good quality loose leaf tea and brew it properly, it produces a wonderful bright and complex brew which will only be masked and spoiled by adding milk.DSCF2291-300x225.jpg If adding milk at all, it should only ever be to black (ie roasted) tea.  Never to white, green or oolong teas.  At Bean & Bud we will flatly refuse requests for milk or sugar to go in green tea!  Even with black teas there are so many different ones to choose from (Assam, Ceylon, Darjeeling, Keemun and blends) which all have their own distinctive aromas and flavours which are ruined by milk.

In addition, all teas have great health benefits due to antioxidants and amino acids present in the tea, the health benefits of which are also greatly reduced by adding milk.

So next time you order a pot of tea with us or when brewing tea at home, please try without milk and if you must add milk, try to reduce the amount each time until you can go without!

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