Lockdown Clearance
May 12, 2020

One of the inevitable consequences of the extended Coronavirus lockdown is that some of our stock is heading towards its best before dates. As we still don’t know when we will be reopening, and rather than allowing this stock to go to waste, we have decided to offer it for sale as part of our free home delivery service.

Included in this range are those ‘additional’ items you would normally find in the shop alongside our coffee, tea and hot chocolate – already available here on the retail page of our website. 

So, we have added some items from our cold drinks range, like Frobishers fruit juices, Karma fizzy drinks and Firefly botanical fruit drinks. All of these are ethically sourced, as well as being delicious and refreshing! 

We also have a limited supply of Artemis cold brew coffee, which is the perfect tonic over ice while enjoying lockdown in the back garden! 

And aside from drinks, we also have a small range of food and baking items – all still within date – that we simply won’t have time to use or sell under the present situation. We have tried to bundle these together, and are pricing them with substantial discounts. 

The full list of products and prices is here: 

  • Frobishers/Flawsome fruit drinks: 4 bottles £6.00 (or £1.75 each)
  • Karma Cola/Lemon/Ginger: 6 cans £5.00 (or £1.00 each)
  • Firefly botanical fruit drinks: 4 bottles £6.00 (or £1.75 each)
  • Artemis Cold Brew Coffee: 2 bottles £4.00 (or £2.50 each)
  • Yorkshire Crisps (25g): 6 bags £2.50 (or 50p each)
  • Divine Chocolate: 6 bars £5.00 (or £1.00 each)
  • Vegan Marshmallows (75g): 2 bags £4.00 (or £2.25 each)
  • Lizzie’s Granola (400g): 2 for £7.00 (or £4.00 each)
  • Baking Powder (130g): 6 for £8.00 (or £1.50 each) 

Everything is available to order for home delivery. Minimum order for clearance items on their own is only £20.00. Otherwise, if you require single items please add that to your regular coffee and tea orders – just to make it worthwhile covering our FREE delivery costs. 

More details about the individual items can be found here on our retail and merchandise page.



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