Latte art throwdown!
January 23, 2014

We joined a great crowd of other coffee peeps yesterday evening at North Star Roasters for a latte art throwdown.  For those unfamiliar with the concept, this is a competition to see who can produce the most attractive latte art pattern – under pressure and in front of an audience!  Compered by Ellis from North Star with judges Carl from Laynes Espresso, Adam from Opposite and Krag from North Star, 20 hopeful and nervous baristi went head-to-head in a knockout competition to draw the best rosettas and tulips using only perfectly textured milk.


Bean & Bud did really well at the competition! Ruth Z got through to second round, and our quiet and cool star Lenka went all the way to the final, where she finished in second place.  Well done to them, they really did us proud!  Thanks to Krag and Ellis at North Star for organising such a brilliant evening.  It’s good to have a chance to meet other coffee folk, we all work so hard it’s great to meet and chat with others at such a great social gathering.


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