Our Inspiration
September 4, 2014

We really do get some fantastic coffees at Bean & Bud!  One of the best things about our job is working with great roasters, following the harvests and seeing which coffees are available when and bringing our customers a varied changing coffee programme.

coffee drying in Kenya, photo taken by Ruth

coffee drying in Kenya, photo taken by Ruth

But of course, great coffee is about much more than great baristas or great roasters.  Great coffee starts with the growers.  Having worked directly with coffee growers for a number of years, it’s important to me that we remember where great coffee starts, with those who grow it and the care they take over their crops.  There are so many fantastic varietals, old and new, and more and more innovative processes before the beans even reach the roaster.  It’s great to think that barista, roaster and grower are each taking the best care over the production of the very best drink possible from this tiny but important bean!  The current movement in direct trade and speciality importers and roasters working directly with growers to improve quality and develop these processes is also inspiring.

As baristas at Bean & Bud we are passionate about the way we prepare and produce each and every drink we make.  We owe it to our customers and also to those who grew the coffee trees!

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