Guest coffee – Sumatra Wahana Estate
October 8, 2012

We have a stunning new guest coffee from Volcano Coffee Works – tastes like Christmas pudding in a cup! Seen here as a Split Shot, so you get the best taste with or without milk.

Sumatra Wahana Estate
Region: Indonesia
Process: Pulped natural

Roasters notes: An amazing natural processed coffee with big fruit flavours. Ripe stone fruit, raisins, cinnamon bark and tamarind.  Medium to full body, medium acidity.

Provenance: Wahana Coffee Estate was established in 2006 covering 480 hectares at 1200-1320m above sea level. Using only organic fertilisers their plants grow naturally under the shade of century-old tree canopies. The Estate also supplies housing and purpose built clinic for the workers and their families.

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