Great Cupping Event
May 29, 2015

We had a really great cupping event last night, led by our friends at Dark Woods Coffee and attended by 12 enthusiastic coffee slurpers!

IMAG0046xDamian and Paul from Dark Woods Coffee in Marsden introduced 12 different coffees from 11 countries including Guatemala, Indonesia, El Salvador, Rwanda, Ethiopia, Costa Rica and Ecuador.  The theme for the cupping was Altitude in Coffee, and Damian and Paul explained how the altitude at which coffee is grown can affect its density, sweetness and flavour.  Everyone dived in to smell and taste the wonderful variety of coffees on the table.  Firm favourites were the higher grown coffees with those from El Salvador, Ethiopia and Rwanda proving to be the most popular.  It was a great evening to catch up and chat.

We will be running lots more events in future including brew and latte art workshops, so do watch this space!!

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