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June 18, 2014

We are happy to be bringing you some really exceptional coffee this week, from the coffee experts at Caravan Roastery.

First up, the new season crop of one of our all time favourites, Ethiopia Dumerso Yirgacheffe.  Produced by over 700 small family run farms situated between the two towns of Dila and Yirgacheffe, this is a fully washed and sun dried coffee from high grown heirloom varietals.  Expect intense floral aromas, and fragrant, light body with apricot sweetness, and delicate hints of bergamot and jasmine.

Alongside the Dumerso we will be offering two very special coffees in short succession.  Two tiny microlot coffees from family farms in the Nicaragua region of Cordillera Diplito, sourced by Caravan from our friends at Falcon Speciality Coffee.  Finca La Cascada is owned by Luis Alberto Peralta.  His farm has perfect growing conditions, with natural streams and good rainfall.  This 3 sack microlot is a natural processed coffee with a bright acidity with notes of sweet soft fruits and pineapple acidity.

Nicaragua Las Minas is a tiny 1 sack microlot from the Las Minas plot on Finca La Samaria, owned by Octavio Peralta, who also grows banana and inga trees which provide lots of natural shade.  This is a honey processed coffee which produces gorgeous juicy tropical fruit sweetness with ripe peach and mango notes and a complex bubblegum coffee

These Nicaragua microlots will not be around for long, so don’t miss out.  It’s really our pleasure to be able to bring you such special coffees from around the world, and give you the opportunity to try them.


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