Forthcoming new tea menu – be first to try!
March 5, 2014

At Bean & Bud we are as passionate about tea as we are about great coffee.  We always feature the very best selection of fine loose-leaf teas, including black, green, white and oolong teas as well as a rare vintage puerh.  In the next few weeks we will be revamping our tea menu, replacing some of the teas that have been on the menu since the beginning, and taking the opportunity to bring you some really excellent and unusual teas.

Different varieties of tea

Different varieties of tea

We will be running another tea talk and tasting event to coincide with the relaunch of the tea menu, you will have chance to learn a bit more about tea picking and processing, as well as being introduced to the new teas and having the opportunity to be the first to taste the new teas!

Do get in touch via email, twitter or facebook if you would like to be involved in the tea event!

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