Extra hot?
June 18, 2013

From time to time we get asked to make a drink ‘extra hot’, or even have a drink returned to us and get asked to ‘make it hotter’. Maybe if it’s a cold day people would prefer a hot drink, maybe it’s personal preference. For many of our customers, however, it’s just an expectation that a hot drink should be hot.

We aim to serve drinks containing milk (Flat White, Cappuccino, Piccolo etc) with the milk steamed to 60 degrees. Some coffee shops may go cooler than this. So why do we serve your drink a little cooler than you might sometimes expect? We use only the best coffee to start with, sourced from artisan roasters who themselves source the very best green beans. Coffee is roasted slightly lighter than in the past, in order to bring out the very best complex flavours of the coffee so you don’t get a burnt, bitter taste. Adding milk to an espresso shot can enhance certain flavours, balancing out acidity and enhancing the sweeter side of the coffee. The milk should also be perfectly textured ‘microfoam’, which doesn’t disappear as soon as you stir! If milk is overheated it affects both its taste and its texture, and by adding overheated milk to your espresso shot you have adversely affected the flavour of your coffee too. In addition, by tasting only heat in your mouth your palette will not appreciate the wonderful complex flavours of your drink.

Quite recently a customer brought back a cappuccino and asked us to make it hotter. We explained why we steam the milk to the temperature we do. We made her a new drink with the milk slightly hotter. To our delight, she preferred the cooler drink and vowed never to ask for ‘extra hot’ again!

So next time you are tempted to ask for your drink ‘extra hot’, perhaps think again and try the coffee as we prepare it, for the perfect balance of flavours.

peru flat white

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