Cup of Excellence Exclusive!
March 15, 2013

We are really pleased to be able to bring you another very special Cup of Excellence coffee.  In the case of Burundi Kibungere we are actually the first coffee shop in the country to serve it!  The coffee is from the Kibungere washing station in central Burundi, which works with four smallholder groups based around Nyibihanga.  This is a Bourbon Arabica, fully washed and sun-dried on screens to produce gorgeous flavours of raisins, spiced cloves and cranberry.  From our friends at Grumpy Mule, who roast to order in very small batches on their Loring SmartRoaster.  Damian from Grumpy Mule was actually involved in judging the Burundi Cup of Excellence Award in 2012, so this is a really special coffee with lots of personal connections.

Producer: Kibungere Washing Station
Region: Nyabihanga, Mwaro
Altitude: 1658m
Arabica: Bourbon
Processing: Fully Washed & Sun-dried on Screens
Awards: Cup of Excellence, Lot 16

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