Coronavirus Update
March 14, 2020

We are entering a period of uncertainty as the Coronavirus takes hold in the UK. Businesses like ours are doing everything we can to continue trading safely, while being fair to our customers and staff.

We at Bean & Bud would like to continue serving you all for as long as possible, so with that in mind:

  • Please follow the NHS & PHE Guidelines on self-isolation, then when you’re up and out again come see us for a restorative coffee / tea / hot chocolate and a treat 😊. We’ll be looking forward to seeing you again!
  • If you come to the shop, please be mindful of what you and/or your children touch while you are here.
  • REMEMBER the cough/sneezing etiquette e.g. cough/sneeze into a tissue then bin it, or into the crook of your elbow. 
  • The most effective thing we can all do is wash our hands – we appreciate this is difficult when you’re out and about, so if you don’t have your own hand sanitizer please head straight to our loo and thoroughly wash and dry your hands. (Please do not take our loo roll and hand towels, we buy good quality and it costs us:) 
  • If you can pay by contactless please do so – but if you can’t, we will continue to accept cash and wont hold it against you 😉! 
  • We are spraying surfaces at least every hour so please be patient whilst we clean the areas you do see, and the areas you don’t – if you are concerned about anything let us know! 
  • We have temporarily removed the sugar stations, so just ask if you need any! 

We will endeavour to keep ourselves, our staff, and you safe for as long as we can, and we really do appreciate your support in these trying times. 

Phil & Helen 


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