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the world’s best coffee, brewed in Yorkshire!

We work in partnership with some of the UK’s best independent roasters to bring you a changing programme of single-origin coffee, that reflects the seasons and availability.

After long journeys from the coffee-growing corners of the world, our philosophy is always to respect the bean, and the farmers who have spent a great amount of time and energy producing a high-grade product. To preserve the quality of these fabulous beans we take our time making each and every cup, grinding the coffee carefully, then timing and weighing each and every espresso shot to ensure we preserve the complex flavours available. The end result is always a smooth, flavour-filled drink that’s never bitter, but always a delight!

Whether you prefer your coffee black or made with milk, we always prepare our espresso with a double shot to ensure we preserve the integrity of the flavours. Our milk is textured so that it’s creamy and sweet, and never over-heated to avoid spoiling the espresso with burnt and bitter flavours!

On our menu you’ll find a range of espresso-based drinks, including Flat White, Latte, Macchiato and Long or Short Black. We always have a choice of espresso on offer; maintaining an African and South American coffee at all times.

We also aim to showcase the various processing methods farmers employ before shipping, by offering examples of washed and naturally dried coffees that possess differing flavours for you to enjoy.

Our decaf espresso is always washed and decaffeinated without using chemicals in the process!

For those who prefer a more complex flavour experience, we always keep two or three coffees available on filter/pour-over. Our batch-brew filter coffee is rich, syrupy and full bodied. On hand-pour our coffees are usually lighter and cleaner, best enjoyed without milk, and brewed using the device best for each coffee, such as  AeroPress, V60, Kalita Wave and Chemex.

Interested in learning more about the process?

For more information on hand-brewing, and how to brew our coffee at home, please click here to visit our training page.

However you like your coffee, we’re sure you’ll enjoy the way we make it at Bean & Bud!

This week’s coffee

How do you like to drink your coffee? Black, or with a little milk added? Do you prefer an espresso-based coffee that’s made with heated milk, or a filter coffee that’s light and clean?

There are many different ways to drink coffee, and the terminology changes from country to country, region to region and coffee shop to coffee shop. Here’s the COFFEE MENU  you’ll find in our shop; with and explanation of each drink and how we make it.


The purest form of Espresso coffee! Two “shots” of coffee – approximately 2oz/36g – extracted through the espresso machine with water at 94°C. All of the complex flavours are present here in this dark, thick, silky brew! Not for the feint-hearted, but many would argue the only way to get your daily caffeine shot! We serve ours with a small glass of water – and of course, sugar is also available!



This style of coffee is essentially a double espresso that is ‘marked’ with two or three teaspoons of textured milk foam. Don’t confuse with the ‘Latte Macchiato’ you might find in some high-street coffee chains, which tends to be the other way around – a large serving of hot milk that has a single espresso dropped into it! Like our espresso, Macchiato is served with a small glass of water on the side.


Cortado is our smallest espresso-based drink made with textured, steamed milk. In Italy it is referred to as a Piccolo, and in some coffee shops simply as a 4oz. The fifty-fifty ratio of coffee and milk means this is a full-flavoured way of drinking espresso, where the full impact of the coffee can still be tasted, while being softened by the sweet, silky milk. This is the drink for those of you who love milky coffee, but not too much milk!


Probably our most popular espresso-based coffee! Taking its name from the New Zealand coffee scene from where it originated, the Flat White could well be the world’s most popular way of drinking coffee. And it’s not surprising! We combine our double espresso with 4oz of textured milk, heated to about 60°C, to produce the perfectly balanced milk-based drink. Our flat whites are sweet and creamy, with plenty of balanced coffee flavours, so you shouldn’t need to add sugar!

LATTE (8oz)

For a larger milk-based coffee, our latte is your go-to drink. A double shot of espresso is mixed with 6oz of textured milk to create a soft, sweet and flavoursome coffee. If you are searching for a cappuccino on our menu you will disappointed, as we don’t serve any drinks with ‘frothy’ milk or chocolate sprinkles! So, if you fancy a ‘cap’ then our latte is your best option!


Often referred to an Americano, Long and Short Blacks are espresso-based coffee drinks diluted with hot water rather than milk. These two classic coffee styles are perfect if you prefer less or no milk, and also if you prefer your coffee slightly hotter, as they are mixed with water at 100°C. You can opt to add either hot or cold milk on the side at no extra cost!


Mocha is the classic combination of espresso coffee and hot chocolate! We use Kokoa Collection Organic hot chocolate pellets to make our chocolate base (choose from either White, 58%, 70% or 82% dark!), before adding a double espresso, and mixing it all together with textured, steamed milk. For the ultimate coffee-choc indulgence our mocha is the prefect solution. Sit back and enjoy!

Brewed Coffee recipes & methods

We’re often asked for advice about home brewing, so here are our recipes for the four most popular home brewing methods: Aeropress, V60, Kalita Wave and Chemex.

Your grind for slow brewed coffee is somewhere in between espresso and drip filter machine – think coarse sand consistency. It’s always best to brew your coffee on a good kitchen scale and use a timer so you can get the same extraction and results every time. Your water should be at 98 degrees.


2 paper filters (wet)
15g coffee
250g water

Place the Aeropress on your kitchen scale, add the dry coffee then ‘tare’ or ‘zero’ your scale.
Bloom: Pour 50g water into the coffee, making sure all the coffee is wet.
Pour: At 20s, pour in 200g of water and stir to agitate all the coffee.
Extraction: At 1m extract the coffee by pushing the plunger down slowly and continuously.

Total extraction time: circa 1m30s.


1 filter paper, pre-wet
16g coffee
250g water

Place the V60 on your kitchen scale, add the dry coffee then ‘tare’ or ‘zero’ your scale.
Bloom: Pour 50g of water, making sure all your grounds are wet.
Pour: add 50g of water every 20s, using a circular motion and ensuring all the grounds are evenly wet. Depending on which coffee you are using, you may have to add water more quickly to ensure that the grounds stay wet.  Repeat until you have poured 250g and allow all the water to filter through before removing the V60.

Total extraction time: circa 2m30s

Kalita Wave

Kalita filter paper, dry
17g coffee
250g water

Place the Kalita on your kitchen scale, add the dry coffee then ‘tare’ or ‘zero’ your scale.
Bloom: Pour 50g of water, making sure all your grounds are wet.
Pour: At 20s, add the remaining 200g water, pouring continuously in circular motion and leave to extract. Do not stir – the flat bed of the Kalita ensures even extraction.
Extraction: At 2m30s remove the Kalita to stop extraction.


Content to follow

As with all brew methods, make sure you use the freshest coffee available, weigh, measure and time your extractions for the best results time after time!  Different coffees from different origins and altitudes will behave differently so make small adjustments.  It all adds to the fun!

We only source the finest beans from the UK's best roasters

We are proud to be a fully independent coffee shop, allowing us to source beans from a range of speciality coffee roasters.