Choosing our Coffee
August 6, 2013

We have been asked a few times recently how we choose the different coffees that we offer at Bean & Bud.

We work with 5-6 of the best artisan roasters around the country.  All these roasters choose the very best beans and roast in small batches.  Often a roaster will have purchased the full micro-lot of a particular coffee.  At other times, as coffee is seasonal some of the roasters might be offering similar coffees.  For example, there are different harvesting seasons for Central America, East Africa, Indonesia etc.

We always look at which coffees our preferred roasters are offering at any time.  As we always offer two coffees and like to ensure that these contrast well with each other (for example so that one might be full-bodied and the other a little higher acidity) we look at which coffees balance each other.  We also like to contrast origins, so we might pair a Central American coffee with an African coffee.  We also try to plan ahead if we know that one of our roaster partners is expecting a particularly exciting coffee.

We get really excited every time we change our coffees, and we hope that our customers do to, and that you enjoy the opportunity of trying all the different coffees we offer.

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