how hot chocolate should be!

Our hot chocolate is not only delicious, it is ethical as well!  

We are proud to use Kokao Collection hot chocolate at Bean & Bud. This award winning hot chocolate is all single-origin, so you can choose from four different varieties from different parts of the world.

Our Kokoa Collection hot chocolate comes in tablet form, rather than powder – it’s real chocolate! We first melt four tablets in a pitcher before mixing in the steamed milk. The result is thick and creamy and utterly addictive. We reckon it’s how hot chocolate should be! 

If you love your hot chocolate with a kick of caffeine why not try one of our Mochas? First choose your kook Collection hot chocolate, then add in a double shot of single-origin espresso from today’s coffee menu. Ask one of our baristas for their recommendation! 

White & Vanilla

from Ivory Coast. Sweet and creamy with natural vanilla.

Classic Milk

from Venezuela. 58% cocoa. Light and sweet with slightly fruity notes.


from Ecuador. 70% cocoa. Typical flavour of the Arriba Nacional bean: floral and herbal.

Extra Dark

from Madagascar. 82% cocoa. An intense flavour of red fruits.