Care & Consistency: the weigh we do it!
September 24, 2014

It’s really important to us that each and every cup of coffee or tea we send out achieves the highest levels of quality.  There are several ways to ensure this, of course the first step is that we use the very best beans and leaves to start with!  However, to ensure consistency across every drink we use precision in the form of weighing all the shots, pots and brews that we pour.

2014-11-15 10.53.28-1For espresso shots, we weigh the ground coffee for every shot.  Humidity, use and other factors can affect the grinders.  On a busy Saturday in summer, the burrs can get hot and although the grinders we use dose by time, this can cause inconsistency due to static or heat.  So we weigh the ground coffee coming out of the grinder for every shot.  For a double shot of coffee we use 20g dry ground coffee and we aim for our wet dose to be between 36g to 38g.  We always watch the shot as well as timing it so that we can see when it has reached its optimum extraction and if necessary can be stopped before over-extraction occurs.

For the slow brew coffee methods Chemex, Aeropress and V60 we also weigh the dry coffee going in and we pour the slow brews on a precision weighing scale so that we can also ensure the exact weight of the final brew.  For Chemex and V60 we use a dry dose of 18g and a final brewed weight of 250g, served in a small carafe.  As Aeropress is a slightly more full bodied brew, we use 19g.  When pouring the slow brew methods we also use a timer to ensure again that the extraction, dose and grind are all correct.

And it doesn’t stop with coffee!  Because we use only loose leaf, large leaf teas we also weigh out the dose for our teas.  Different tea leaves can be different sizes, so it is not always possible to tell the correct dose of tea by, for example, using a teaspoon, as different volumes do not always correspond to the correct weight of tea.  So we weigh our dry tea leaves and again pour the tea on the scale to ensure the correct amount of hot water.

This is the care we take over every drink, and we hope it shows in the end result.



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