Bolivia Familia Mamani
February 26, 2013

 Another great new guest coffee from our friends at Grumpy Mule!

This is a small, family owned farm with involvement from all of the family. The coffee trees are shaded by citrus and other native trees. Most processing is done by the family (through to dry parchment) to enable them to benefit from higher prices for better quality.

The area around Caranavi town is the key coffee growing centre in Bolivia – very fertile soils, primarily organic production and small family owned farms. Traditional varietals like Typica and Caturra being used. The industry here is relatively small and under threat from coca production (a cash crop that fetches higher prices) but the high altitude helps make great coffee, assuming it can be shipped from this land locked country on time.

Producer: Mauricio Mamani & Family
Region: Caranavi, Yungas region
Altitude: 1500-1700m
Arabica: Caturra & Typica
Processing: Fully Washed & Sun-dried on Screens (hand pick fully ripe cherries, pulp, ferment in small tanks then dry on raised African beds/screens)
Production: Organic

Fruity as an espresso, smooth and sweet with a little milk, eg a Piccolo or Cortado!

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