Beans not Beanies!
February 19, 2016

Speciality coffee these days has become a bit of a fashionable concept, with more and more independent coffee shops opening every day in London and across the county, as well as worldwide.  But what should be the guiding philosophy behind the image of the speciality coffee shop?

_GMF4332A typical look for both shops and staff has emerged.  Bare wood, exposed lighting for the shops, Breton stripes or checks, tattoos and beanies for the staff!  Don’t get me wrong, our shop is no exception to this fashionable concept and in a way the look of the shop and its staff can be an indicator that the shop subscribes to a quality offering.  What is that quality offering?  Single origin beans, lightly roasted and presented with accuracy and passion with an emphasis on flavour.  Provenance is also important.  We have a2006 4 changing programme of coffee and always tell our customers the provenance of our beans in terms of varietal, origin, altitude and farm (even down to the name of the farmer).  Not all our customers want or need to know this information, but we think it’s important to give it.  We also think it’s important to work with roasters who share our passion to honour the grower.

I was lucky enough to spend over 5 years working directly with growers of both coffee and tea and spent many hours chatting to producers from Latin America and Africa about lots of issues surrounding growing and marketing these important crops.  I’m proud to have counted some of these growers as friends and colleagues.  So it’s important to me that when we prepare your drink we remember those who grew the beans.

So see you soon for a great coffee and chat about our passion for coffee!

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