Americano or Long Black?
March 6, 2015

Here at Bean & Bud we serve Long Blacks, not Americanos. Sometimes it causes confusion or people are not sure what to order. So what’s the difference?!  An Americano is an espresso shot topped off with hot water, so the shot can be scalded and the crema dissipated.  A Long Black is made by gently pouring the shot over water that has been added to the cup first, thereby preserving the crema and the taste of the coffee, and also retaining more of the oils that form on the espresso shot and coat the tongue, therefore making it less bitter.

2015-02-26 19.22.02-1There is a myth that the term ‘Americano’ was coined by Italians in WWII to refer to GIs who were not tough enough to drink espressos and had them watered down.  This story is unconfirmed!!

If you have time to sit and enjoy your coffee, why not try one of our slow brew methods instead of your long black?  These methods produce a wonderfully clean, balanced and complex cup.  Ask us to recommend a method and a bean that are right for you – we are here to help you make the best of your coffee experience!

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