All women producer coffee board!
January 29, 2016

If you’re a regular visitor to the shop or the website, you will know that we change our coffees every couple of weeks so that we can bring you the best coffee from great growers, origins and roasters. The stories and connections behind these coffees are important, and we are really pleased at the moment to have both coffees for our espresso based drinks from producer groups run by women.

549cThe Peru Asproagro Community is part of the Cecanor Co-op, based in Chiclayo in the north-west of Peru, and founded by Isabel Uriarte and her husband Victor. Their pioneering work has developed not only a strong central co-op around the 1500 members in the various communities in Lambayeque, but Isabel also helped to establish the Café Femenino Foundation with Gay Smith. The very first Café Femenino coffee came from women coffee producers in these communities. This coffee is sourced from the Asproagro community in Kanaris, a member of CECANOR, and is all Café Femenino.

Finca Cafelandia is run by sisters Virginia Rojas de Pitty and Minerva Rojas de Wong. The Rojas family was one of the pioneers in the Panama coffee industry, with plantations since 1900. The sisters inherited the coffee farm from their father in 1964, and have developed more unique varietals of coffee on the farm – such as Pacamara and Geisha – in more recent times. Milled and exported with the support of the Ruiz family.

Both these coffees are delicious and we are really pleased to be supporting the role of women coffee producers. It’s an issue that is really important and that Ruth covered in an article for Caffeine magazine which is reproduced on the Our Philosophy page of the website.

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