All Change! New Coffee Programme
March 14, 2013

Over the past year or so we’ve really enjoyed bringing you a great selection of changing guest coffees.  It’s been great fun; all our customers have really enjoyed trying the coffees from different continents, producers and roasters.  Now we’re extending this by moving from having a ‘house’ and a ‘guest’ coffee to a programme of changing both coffees.  In future we will still offer a choice of two coffees: an espresso blend and a single origin.  We will try to balance the two coffees so that we have a contrast between flavours, usually the blend will have a little more body and flavours of chocolate, nuts and caramel, whilst the single origins will have top notes of fruit with a little more acidity.  Of course there will be a little more complexity than this in the coffees we choose!  All the coffees will be directly sourced, batch roasted and ground to order.  We will also continue to offer decaffeinated coffee, processed without the use of chemicals, here again we will change the coffee from time to time so decaff drinkers can also have a change!

We are very excited about this change and hope all our customers will be too!

We will also recommend which coffees will be more suitable for different drinks, eg flat white, piccolo or even pourover!  As always, we recommend a shorter coffee for more balance.

Which will you choose?

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